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Every aspect of the work at Mt Rothwell is open to volunteers. 

There is a friendly and diverse community of volunteers from all walks of life, each bringing their own skills and attributes. Their work is integral to the success and achievements in threatened species recovery.

Typical work includes animal husbandry, improving and maintaining vegetation and overall habitat quality, revegetation and habitat restoration works, fence and track maintenance, and much more.  There is plenty of scope for other skills to be useful, from office management to vehicle maintenance! Our animals and landscapes are wild and some work is comparative to farm work so your physical fitness will need to be considered. 

There is often a new experience every day in this wonderful dynamic environment. 

Volunteer days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 3pm. You don’t need to have skills or experience in conservation, just time to give to a worthwhile cause and a willingness to give it a go.


Don’t have the available time to actively volunteer but still want to contribute to conservation? You can make a significant difference! Donate to

Mt Rothwell and directly help expand and contribute to successful threatened species programs.

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