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Integral to the success of Mt Rothwell’s threatened species programs and just as important as the sites themselves are our volunteers. Their commitment, dedication and passion demonstrated week-in, week-out is truly admirable.


Volunteers have been carrying out the majority of on-ground works at Mt Rothwell since it commenced in 2000. Works include general maintenance of fences, tracks, enclosures, solar systems, vehicles and amenities. It also includes pest control, habitat management, basic animal husbandry duties and all-round cleaning. In February 2014, the volunteers formed the Mt Rothwell Landcare Volunteers (MRLV) and incorporated in March 2014. MRLV encourages community involvement, forms partnerships and seeks funding opportunities to improve land management. This enables MRLV to support the threatened species programs and habitat restoration.

Volunteers Building Fences.jpg
fencing hill
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